Whole foods magic

DOES DIET REALLY MATTER IN HEALTH? How rich could a drug company get if they offered a patented medication that could lower all cause mortality by 50%? That is what a healthy lifestyle can do! Researchers followed 2300 men and women in 11 countries in Europe over the course of 12 years. The people were monitored for their diet, smoking, exercise, and alcohol intake. Exercise cut risk of all cause mortality by 37%, not smoking by 35%, moderate alcohol intake by 22% and Mediterranean diet (whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit, vegetables, low in animal food) by 23%. When combined, this healthy lifestyle cut all cause mortality by more than 50%.

Food is a rich tapestry of thousands of substances, including ingredients that we are only beginning to understand. Food provides the macronutrients that direct the extremely influential hormones and prostaglandins in your body. Food contains known essential vitamins, minerals, and “sub-nutrients” along with some very intriguing conditionally essential nutrients (like lycopenes and ellagic acid) that can bring us beyond surviving a life of chronic illness into thriving with optimal health and vitality.